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On James Bond

If not obvious, the Universal Exports Cocktail Club is a fan site that chronicles drinking with James Bond.  If google is broken at present, Universal Exports is the cover company for the British Secret Service in the James Bond world and this is site is designed to be their fictional cocktail guide. James drank a lot of volume over the years, and a lot of variety in the novels. I'm not qualified to talk about which car was the best or which woman was objectified the most but I am uniquely qualified to explain the booze of Ian Flemming's pen and Cubby Broccoli's screen.  

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On Andrew Bohrer

Andrew Bohrer was a bartender and he was very good at it. He wrote a lot about that in articles, blogs and a book. He quit to consult and launched a spirits division for an importing and distribution company. These days, he works for a cachaça company.  Andrew has worked in every aspect of the spirits business and thusly finds it hard to talk as much shit about the industry as he used to or wants to. He has decided to take a little break from all that anger and retreat to the cocktails of the 50s and 60s.  Also, he needed to learn web design so he started here.   Andrew wrote the words on this site and drew the pictures, don't reuse them without asking. You can find more about Andrew's ramblings at andrewbohrer.com